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  1.   The Right Diphthong
...ns FAQ Teacher Workshops Discussion Forum Amos the ape - Eli the emu - Ivy the Irish Otis the opossum Uri the unicorn "Lit Kid" "Lit Kid" Setter - "Lit Kid" - "Lit Kid" - "Lit Kid" phonics phonics phonics character phonics character phonics character character character Yvette Amos Eli Ivy Otis Uri Diphthong Lesson Plan "The Right Diphthong" Objective: Children will learn to read words containing the diphthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy. Children will learn to write and spell words containing the diphthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy. About the Concept: Diphthongs are vowel sounds that combine two separate sounds into a single...
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    Grade Level: Pre-K-2

  2.   Spelling As Easy As ABC
...o this assignment. 14. Inform students that there will be a quiz on Appendices I and J at the beginning of the next lesson. Assessment/Evaluation 1. Check assignment described above. Award points for completeness. (See Appendix K.) 2. Appendix L: Letters that Imitate and Syllables Quiz Lesson Five: Diphthongs Vowel Pairs that Blend Together (one fifty-five-minute session) A. Daily Objectives 1. Concept Objective(s) a. Students acquire phonics tools to read, spell, and pronounce most words in the English language properly. b. Students understand how to write and speak using conventional ... spelling. (Colorado Sta...
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    Grade Level: 6-8

  3.   Word Study -- 'oo' words
...oncepts Taught: Spelling, Word Study, Vocabulary, Parts of Speech Too often we give children rules for vowel sounds. Most of these rules are violated more often than they appear true. Starting at second grade and above, children enjoy making some discoveries about the various sounds of vowel teams (diphthongs). This is an activity designed to help them make those discoveries. Tell the children that today they will be hunting for or brainstorming for single-syllable words containing the oo letter combination __oo__. The activity can be extended to include words with the __oo_e pattern. Arrange students in pairs. A...
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    Grade Level: K-5

  4.   Division of Syllables in Spanish
...le NOTE: The letter I or U (without a written accent mark) can be alone only at the beginning of a word. Examples: (Put more stress on the bold syllable) U-RU-GUAY = Uruguay I-TA-LIA = Italy U-NI-DO = united I-GUAL = same I-GUA-NA = iguana LOS ES-TA-DOS U-NI-DOS = The United States Never separate a diphthong -- What is a diphthong? A DIPHTHONG is when you see -- I or U together with any other vowel. NOTE: I or U must be without a written accent mark. The other vowel may or may not have a written accent mark. Examples: (Put more stress on the bold syllable) JUAN = John MA-RIO = Mario CA-MION = truck BUE-NO = good...
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    Grade Level: K-12

  5.   Hearing the Warning Bells
...ir participation in the initial experiment, participation in class discussion, thoughtful research and presentation of research, and sound journals. Vocabulary: reckoning, audiologist, prevalent, chronic, deficits, acknowledge, languish, stigma, atrophy, fatigue, tinnitus, discriminate, diminished, diphthongs, conductive, calcification, sensorineural, cochlea, toxic, amplifiers, amenable, dexterity, digital, distortion, analog, feedback, otolaryngologist, vendor, reconfigured Extension Activities: 1. Research hearing in a variety of animals. Since some animals rely on different types of hearing systems (for examp...
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    Grade Level: 6-12

  6.   "Der Handschuh" by Friedrich Schiller
...Images and other media may be licensed separately; see captions for more information and read the fine print. Print Print Share Email Delicious Digg Facebook StumbleUpon Learning outcomes Students will: pronounce the words correctly with particular emphasis on vowels, including umlauted vowels and diphthongs. use comprehension strategies to interpret the poem speculate and hypothesize on the plot development and the resolution of the conflict use the shorter lines to create pauses during oral readings of the poem, and using the longer lines containing more beats than the average line to quicken the pace in readi...
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    Grade Level: 9-12

  7.   HLT Magazine, January 03 : Lesson Outlines and Lesson Plans
...pick the odd sound and explain why it does not belong in the list. I put each list of words on a separate card. I only read out 7 or 8 lists of words at a time. In the first session with this technique we only work on two sounds. From the second session on, I select a wider range of sounds, vowels, diphthongs and consonants. In later sessions, I take the same cards again, work on them with the whole class, mixing up all types of difficulty. In the final stage of the activity, later on in the course, the students work on the cards independently, in small groups. Note: students enjoy the activity and it is not a ti...
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    Grade Level: K-2

  8.   Oy!
Oy! Subject: Grade: , Brief Description A lesson on the vowel diphthong 'oi. Objectives Students will be able to identify and create visual representations of the 'oi' and 'oy' sounds. Keywords oi, oy, phonics Materials Needed Picture representations, such as aluminum foil, boy, oil, Troy. Lesson Plan Review the rules of the vowel diphthong 'oi.' Say," Sometimes when two vowels a...
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    Grade Level: K-2

  9.   Contraction Action
...ontractions formed from a pronoun paired with a verb. (Ex. I + am = I'm) About the Concept: Contractions are formed by combining two words and replacing one or more of the medial letters with an apostrophe. Once children have mastered the basic words in the song, they can think of other examples of diphthong words and practice them with the instrumental version of the song. Many contractions are formed when the word not follows a verb of being like is, are, was, or were. The basic song provides practice in forming these types of contractions by combining the two words and replacing the letter o with an apostrophe...
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    Grade Level: K-2

  10.   Name Those Vowels
...lopment of reading and writing skills since all words and all syllables in words contain at least one vowel. Once children recognize the vowels in both capital and lower-case forms, the stage is set for learning rules and spelling patterns for short and long vowels, final vowels, unaccented vowels, diphthongs, digraphs, silent vowels, and irregular spellings. The vowels in written English are a , e, i, o, u and sometimes y. The letter y is a vowel when it occurs in medial or final position within a word or syllable or when it occurs in initial position in proper names like Yves, Yvonne , and Yvette (pronounced EE...
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    Grade Level: Pre-K

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