Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Barack Obama
Benjamin Harrison
Bill Clinton
Calvin Coolidge
Chester A. Arthur
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Pierce
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
George Washington
Gerald Ford
Grover Cleveland
Harry S. Truman
Herbert Hoover
James Buchanan
James Garfield
James K. Polk
James Madison
James Monroe
Jimmy Carter
John Adams
John F. Kennedy
John Quincy Adams
John Tyler
Lyndon B. Johnson
Martin Van Buren
Millard Fillmore
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Rutherford B. Hayes
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Ulysses S. Grant
Warren G. Harding
William H. Harrison
William H. Taft
William McKinley
Woodrow Wilson
Zachary Taylor
LessonCorner Worksheets for Presidents
  1.   US Presidents
Eisenhower, Garfield, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Washington, Madison, Kennedy, Jackson, Harrison, Lincoln
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  2.   US Presidents
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, John Kennedy, James Madison, Grover Cleveland, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Garfield, John Quincy Adams
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  3.   Social Studies
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Daniel Boone, Jimmy Carter, Theadore Roosevelt, John Kennedy
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Additional Lessons 1 - 10 of 1000 for Presidents
  1.   Who Will Be President?
Lesson Plan ID: 12996 Title: Who Will Be President? Overview/Annotation: This lesson will allow students to experience the election process of an American President through a mock election. Students will learn the steps that must be followed in order to have an election. This is a great way to get students motivated to be involved in the election process. C...
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    Grade Level: 3-5

  2.   Arthur . Parents & Teachers . If I Were President | PBS Kids
Parents and Teachers HomeActivities Skip Navigation PBS Kids Age Range: 3-7 Skills/ Subjects: Home Art Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Language & Literacy Life Skills TV Schedule Related Episode: D.W. Goes to Washington If I Were President Define a future presidency Materials art supplies paper pictures of things/people related to the presidency Directions Are any of your children interested in becoming president? Talk with your children about the role of President of the United States, and help them think about what they would do if they wer...
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    Grade Level: 3-5

  3.   If I Were President
Mansfield Public Schools K4 Technology Lesson Plan Lesson Title / Grade Level Prepared by / Date Content Area Objective(s) If I Were President Grade 1 Christine Merritt February 23, 2004 Students will be able to: Social StudiesàAmerican HeritageàFamous Americans ? Identify some of the responsibilities of the President of the United States. ? Extend their knowledge and imagine what their lives would be like if they were President, how it would diff...
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    Grade Level: K-2

  4.   Integrity and Firmness is All I Can Promise: The Washington Presidency
The Library of Congress George Washington George Washington: First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen LESSON THREE: Integrity and Firmness is All I Can Promise: The Washington Presidency This lesson addresses George Washington's leadership as President of the United States. The documents in the lesson range from a few days before his inauguration through his presidency and includes one letter from retirement that summarizes foreign policy issues between the United States and the French Rep...
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    Grade Level: 6-12

  5.   Togo's new President
WORDS IN THE NEWS Teacher's pack Words in the News Togo's new president - 4 May 2005 Teacher's pack table of contents Lesson Plan: Core Materials....................................................... 3 Lesson Plan: Supplementary Materials .................................. 8 Worksheet A: Specific information Questions ................. 9 Worksheet B: Vocabulary Building. ........
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    Grade Level: 6-8

  6.   Challenges Faced by the New Nation's Presidents
Browse lesson plans by the following categories Grade Level Time Period Topics Advanced Search Title: Challenges Faced by the New Nation's Presidents Subject: Social Studies Grade Level(s): Elementary Author(s): Laurie Hartt and Margaret Hanscom School: Lorton Station Elementary Lesson Time: 5 days Topics Covered: Politics and Political Parties Southern States Western States Time Periods Covered: Revolution & the New Nation, 1754-1820s Expansion & Refor...
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    Grade Level: K-5

  7.   Roles Of The President
U.S. HISTORY LESSON ROLES OF THE PRESIDENT Objectives: TEKS 8.23(A) Analyze the leadership qualities of elected and appointed leaders of the United States such as Abraham Lincoln, John Marshall, and George Washington. 8.30(B) Analyze information by sequencing, categorizing, identifying cause-and-effect relationships, comparing, contrasting, finding...
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    Grade Level: 9-12

  8.   Profiles in Leadership: Presidents and Prime Ministers
11-12 Profiles in Leadership: Presidents and Prime Ministers Project type: Assignment Related topic: Subjects History Political Science Summary Students prepare a political and personal profile of a U.S. president or a Canadian prime minister. Duration 1 to 2 lessons Purpose To understand how political personalities affect Canada-U.S. relations P...
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    Grade Level: K-12

  9.   Presidents and Prime Ministers
All Grades Presidents and Prime Ministers Project type: Introductory Activity Related topic: Subjects History Social Studies Political Science Summary In this introductory activity, students prepare a broadcast news report covering a presidential visit to Ottawa. Duration 2 to 3 lessons Purpose To explore the development of Can...
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    Grade Level: 6-12

  10.   President's Day for Special Education/Early Elementary
Lesson Plan ID: 4702 Title: President's Day for Special Education/Early Elementary Overview/Annotation: This lesson helps special education/early elementary students learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and discuss how each demonstrated the character trait of honesty. Content Standard(s): CE(K-12) 4. Honesty ELA2013(1) 25. Write in...
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    Grade Level: K-2

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