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LessonCorner Worksheets for Physics
  1.   Basic Physics
Continent, Land forms, Erosion, Weathering, Minerals, Freezing Point, Boiling Point, Gravity, Friction, Inertia
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  2.   General Physics 2
Motion, Speed, Acceleration, Force, Net Force, Contact Force, Tension, Gravity, Friction, Velocity
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  3.   Force And Motion
Force, Motion, Speed, Distance, Time, Acceleration, Velocity, Constant Speed, Instantaneous Speed, Direction
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Additional Lessons 1 - 10 of 1000 for Physics
  1.   Physical Weathering
LEOs Print Version (this will remove all of the AccelerateU imagery and text). Title: Physical Weathering Unit: Topic: Earth Science Standard Level: Commencement__General Grade: Grade 9 Start - End Date: 01/02/01 01/03/01 This LEO was created by: ann peters Connected Rubric: Learning Context: Students will work in groups of 2 and compare the weathered and unweathered rocks. From this they will crea...
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    Grade Level: 9-12

  2.   Physiology and Physics of Diving
Search for lessons > Go back to search results > Lesson Project title or topic of activity Physiology and Physics of Diving Author(s): Elena Ruiz Date: Fall 1999 Summary of Activity 50-100 words This laboratory activity is designed for children in middle school grades sixth through eighth. Activities aim to encourage students to find answers for themselves. The activities include a math-worksheet, new vocabulary and t...
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    Grade Level: 6-8

  3.   Physical Education by Luke Antvelink
Physical EducationAuthor: Luke Antvelink 3/21/2007 4:56:00 PM EST VITAL INFORMATION Subject(s): Mathematics, Physical Education Topic or Unit of Study: Personal Strength Grade/Level: 5 Objective: Students will document and track there strength advancement over 4 weeks. Summary: This lesson wiull focus on a childre...
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    Grade Level: 3-5

  4.   Physical Science: Magnets
Earth Science Life Science Computer Science Physical Science Our lessons available for download now: Earth Science -Inside Earth -Identifying Minerals -Fossils -Dinosaur Traces -Star Clock Life Science -Butterflies -Cell Study -Human Puzzle -DNA Whodunit -Microscope -Frogs -Genetics Computer Science: -ChromaDepth -Robotics -Measurement -Pendulum -Temperatur...
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    Grade Level: K-8

  5.   Hurricane Physics
Hurricane Physics June to soon July stand by August look out September you'll remember October all over Goals: The students will learn about some of the fundamentals of physics. The students will practice making scientific observations. The students will learn some characteristics of a hurricane. Resources/Materials: Paper...
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    Grade Level: 9-12

  6.   Lesson Two: Classroom Comparison of Physical Activities
Individualizing Let's Get Moving Unit Lesson Two Comparing Physical Activity Choices Brief Description Objectives Materials and Resources Activity Description Internet Resources Grade level: Upper Elementary, Middle School Subject Area: Health and Sports, Math Brief Description Students bring in their physical activity logs and work in pairs to calculate their average num...
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    Grade Level: 3-8

  7.   Physical Science Lesson for
...n Goal: Students will investigate light reflection in mirrors and determine how light is transferred to the eye. Prerequisites: Students are familiar with the concepts of plane mirror, parts of the human eye, and lab safety procedures with mirrors and light sources. National Standards Addressed: 4F Physical Setting, 9C Mathematical World, 11C Common Themes, 12B Habits of Mind (from Benchmarks) Special Needs Accommodation: Students with vision impairments will have to use raised print drawings of the activities, when possible. Also, they will need detailed explanations of what has occurred with the images in...
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    Grade Level: 3-12

  8.   The Physics of Satellites
11-12 The Physics of Satellites Project type: Assignment Related topic: Subjects Science Summary Students use the concepts learned about Newton's Laws, energy and momentum to explain various aspects of satellites. Duration 2 lessons Purpose To use given data in the study of kinematics, dynamics, momentum and energy and circ...
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    Grade Level: K-12

  9.   The Physical Characteristics of Satellites
9-10 The Physical Characteristics of Satellites Project type: Assignment Related topic: Subjects Science Summary Students will compare the speed and height of satellites to those of other objects which might impact on satellite deployment. Duration 1 to 2 lessons Purpose To understand the physical characteristics of satell...
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    Grade Level: 9-12

  10.   Name That Change! (Physical and Chemical Changes)
Lesson Plan ID: 7023 Title: Name That Change! (Physical and Chemical Changes) Overview/Annotation: This lesson teaches students to distinguish between physical and chemical changes. Students will view an interactive slideshow presentation and then conduct experiments to discern physical and chemical changes. Content Standard(s): SC(3) 2. Identify physical and...
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    Grade Level: K-12

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