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LessonCorner Lesson Plans for Social Studies
  1.   Voting Lesson
Students learn the voting process by voting for a class snack and class leaders.  Fun activity for a range of ages.

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    Grade Level: Pre-K-5

  2.   Going on a Bear Hunt
The classic tale is read and or sang. The teacher announces that we need to capture the bear that has escaped in our class. Teacher brings the kids on a obstacle course with all the make believe equipment they need such as rope, boots, pick, flashlight, binoculars, and swisher to cut grass. Teacher sets up obstacles along the way while acting out story throughout classroom. For example, "Oh my I see a dark cave! Lets get our flashlights ready and look inside. Each child gets a turn to look into a dark painted box, that is a make pretend cave. At the end the teacher would announce, "Oh no I see a bat and run!" and then go the next made up obstacle for the kids to do. At the end you could have a toy bear or cut out one and have the kids finally capture it. For the art project at the end they all could make bear caves out of clay, paper mache, or heavy paper.

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    Grade Level: Pre-K-2

LessonCorner Worksheets for Social Studies
  1.   Social Studies 3
Decade, Century, Continuity, Invention, Engineer, Right, Vote, Suffrage, Slogan, Civil Rights
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  2.   Bust This Out
Obsolescence, Budget, Depreciation, Feedback, Distraction, Distortion, Culture, Grapevine, Brainstorming, Conflict
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  3.   Becoming A Citizen
Eligible, Citizenship, Permanent Resident, Qualify, Oath Of Citizenship, Allegiance, Landed Immigrant, Documents, Prominent, Ceremony
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Additional Lessons 1 - 10 of 1000 for Social Studies
  1.   Social Studies 3rd Grade Career Day
Lesson Plan ID: 2167 Title: Social Studies 3rd Grade Career Day Overview/Annotation: The students will develop an understanding of specialized work and learn more about a career they choose to research. The students will use a digital camera and scanner to enhance their career notebook/portfolios. The students will use various sources to gather, interpre...
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    Grade Level: K-12

  2.   Tuccamirgan – Flemington Social Studies Unit Introduction
Timothy Jaw Elem 695 Lesson Plan Title:? Tuccamirgan ? Flemington Social Studies Unit Introduction Timothy Jaw, Mrs. Boese, 2^nd Grade NJCCS: 6.1:A.5, 6.6:A.1, 6.4:A.1 Objectives: To identify Tuccamirgan as Flemington's favorite Indian chief o Assessment:? Students will answer questions about Tuccamirgan and begin their unit timeline. Hook:? Tell students that I just moved to Flemington abou...
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    Grade Level: K-2

  3.   What is Social Studies?
What is Social Studies? Grade: Mrs. Cook's second grade, Sandra Leach (co-teacher) and Elisa Barbetti (co-teacher) Rationale: Students need to know how to find their location in the community in relation to their state, country, continent, and world. It is essential that students be able to identify characteristics of where they live....
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    Grade Level: K-2

  4.   Ratios Through Social Studies
Teaching Mathematics with the Internet Workshop 1999 Ratios Through Social Studies by Aniekan Ebiefung, Ph.D. Goals To create an integrated lesson plan so that mathematical concepts are studied in the context of social studies. Rationale If students are actively involved in gathering, presenting, and interpreting information, then they are the creators and discoverers of their own knowledge. S...
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    Grade Level: 3-5

  5.   Elizabeth A Ruttencutter - Science/Social Studies Plans
Resume | Educational Philosophy | Professional Development Plan | The Art Of Teaching | Lesson Plans | About Me | Links Science/Social Studies Lesson Plans Grade: first Topic: Animal Coverings and Homes Rationale: It is important for people to know what kind of coverings living organisms have, and where those organisms live before they can understand how to group them. The following activities will precede the "animal groups" centers, and therefore all...
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    Grade Level: 3-5

  6.   Social Studies Lessons
Home | Resume | Philosophy | Classroom Management | Lesson Plans | Recommendations | Pictures The Portfolio of Kathleen Pinkos Social Studies Lessons Below you can find two social studies lessons I created. The first is an introduction lesson for a unit on Philadelphia and the second is an early childhood lesson on Martin Luther King Jr. Enjoy! KWL for a unit on Philadelphia I. Objectives: -Students will work in teams and create a KWL chart for Philad...
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    Grade Level: 3-5

  7.   Social Studies
Social Studies Lesson: Group Research Project on Frog Habitats Grades: 6-8 Objectives: 1. The students will research a frog habitat in small groups and report to the class on the physical characteristics of their frog's environment. 2. The students will create a map showing the areas in the world in which their frog lives. 3....
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    Grade Level: 6-8

  8.   The Language of Love - Discovering the Cultural Aspects of Love and Courtship in the Social Studies Classroom
...urnal: Japanese Date Clubs Take the Muss Out of Mating By HOWARD W. FRENCH (Go to Article.) http://www.nytimes.com/learning/teachers/lessons/010214wednesday.html?searchpv=learning_lessons Wednesday, February 14, 2001 The Language of Love Discovering the Cultural Aspects of Love and Courtship in the Social Studies Classroom Author(s) Kari Kohl, The New York Times Learning Network Javaid Khan, The Bank Street College of Education in New York City Grades: 6-12 Subjects: Geography, Language Arts, Social Studies Interdisciplinary Connections Overview of Lesson Plan: In this lesson, students examine the cultural aspects of lov...
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    Grade Level: 6-8

  9.   Article - Social Studies School Service
...Records DISCRIMINATION By Mike Koren, Maple Dale School, Fox Point, Wisconsin mkoren@execpc.com I. Overview of the Lesson A. Concept: Discrimination B. Definition: Discrimination is behaviors which lead to groups or individuals being treated differently due to racial, ethnic, religious, gender, or social class factors. C. Grade Level: This lesson is specifically designed for sixth grade students. However, it could be used with students in grades four through eight. D. Previous Study: After completing a unit on the Middle East, students will be taught this lesson on discrimination. Since the Middle East has examples of d...
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    Grade Level: 6-8

  10.   Article - Social Studies School Service
...LawFEATURED MEDIA * DVD * eBooks * Posters NEWSLETTER Sign up now for our newsletter Keep up to date with the latest books and media Email Address: Library Catalog Kits MARC Records Pilgrimage to Mecca: The Hajj Grade Level: 7-12 Overview: Students should have some familiarity with the historical, social, and cultural development of Islam. Given the timeless nature of the pilgrimage or "hajj" in Muslim ritual life, this lesson can be easily adapted to either a medieval or contemporary World History unit. Time Frame: 3 hours Objectives: Identify the five pillars of Islam. Study the origins and development of the pilgrima...
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    Grade Level: 6-12

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