Lessons for Jewelry Making

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  • Gathering Clues to Solve the Mystery of What Plants Need to Grow - … FILE - Detective “ File It Under M” Moustache Templates “SNOOP SUIT” (Making detective hats) PURPOSE This activity integrates the detective theme throughout … , discuss the processes of photosynthesis and respiration . 46 . Have students make terrariums. Can plants live in a completely closed container which … been used in history - as currency, tokens in games, as jewelry, etc. CONCLUSION Seeds come in a variety of sizes, shapes …
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  • Matter and Materials - … made of plastic.) Other suggested sources: Rocks: metal, aluminum, coins, jewelry Oil: plastics, lunch pails Trees: furniture, toys, paper, maple syrup … Students Working Individually Teaching / Learning Strategies Collaborative/cooperative Learning Model Making Advance Organizer Chanting Demonstration Assessment Using the provided My Instrument … design here. 2. Make your instrument. 3. Test it. Does it make a sound? Yes or No 4. Make changes to your instrument …
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