Lessons for Paper Mache

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  • The Phenomenon Of Sound: Waves - … Materials For this lesson, you will need: * Drum * A few paper clips * Tuning fork * Basin of water * Rubber band strung between … happens to the medium as the wave travels? (i.e., paper clips bounce, fingers vibrate when touching skin near vocal chords … student procedures for each lab: Lab Station #1: Drum with paper clips on the top.(This can be made with wrapping … , use sound to "see" their world. Lockheed SR-71: The Mach 3 Blackbird Paul F. Crickmore. Reed International Books, 1997. This …
    User Rating: Grade Level: K-5
  • Hot Air Lesson Plan - … to arrange the headings, use the tape to hang the papers in the correct order. Supporting All Learners Timelines can prove … out copies of the end papers so that students can make their own timelines. Use papier mache to create miniature hot air …
    User Rating: Grade Level: Pre-K-2
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