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  • Dark Materials: Reflecting on Dystopian Themes in Young Adult Literature - … -apocalyptic themes differ from other "dark" or weighty themes in young adult books, like death, divorce, illness, poverty, teenage pregnancy and so on … the Boom in Dystopian Fiction for Young Readers? 50+ Fantastic Young Adult Dystopian Novels YALSA: Best Books for Young Adults Activity | Here are several ideas for examining and reflecting on the trend toward dystopian and post-apocalyptic themes in young adult
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  • Kid Lit Crit - … characteristics, styles, and genres of their favorite books. 2. Learn about the increasing popularity of young adult "problem novels" among educators by reading and discussing the article "Why Teachers Love Depressing Books." 3. Examine the … to create a guide to purchasing young adult books online. Teaching with The Times - The New York Times Book Review publishes bestseller lists, for …
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  • A Guide to Using Graphic Novels With Children and Teens - … growing segment of book publishing, and have become accepted by librarians and educators as mainstream literature for children and young adults - literature that … (First Second) won the Michael L. Printz Award for best young adult book of the year. The same year, To Dance: A Ballerina … for Children and Young Adults; and Stephen Weiner, Director of the Maynard Public Library in Maynard, Massachusetts, author of many books and articles …
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  • Text to Text | 'The Book Thief' and 'Auschwitz Shifts From Memorializing to Teaching' - … queasily, could there be too many?" - "The Book Thief" is a critically acclaimed young adult book read in middle schools and high schools all over the world. However, it was originally marketed as an adult book when … as an adult book. Read the Room for Debate post, "The Dark Side of Young Adult Fiction" and decide for yourself. Should books for teenagers …
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  • What Are Your Favorite Young Adult Novels? - … and laptops to pick up a book, buying these books in droves. Do you read young adult, or YA, books? What are your favorites? Frank Bruni's latest column discusses the genre: Some 150,000 copies, including e-books … where they didn't exist. Students: Tell us about what young adult books you have read. Do you ever choose reading novels over … smart phone? Do you prefer to read print or e-books? What is your favorite young adult book? Why?
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  • Butterfly & Caterpillar - … Teacher Forums Our Newsletter! The Corner Contest Children's Books Professional Books Teen/Young Adult Books Our Recognitions and Honors TTC Award Winners Win Our … . THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR. Philomel Books, 1979. DeLuise, Dom. CHARLIE THE CATERPILLAR. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1990. (33 pages) A … mobile stage for the species. The adults undergo courtship, mating, and egg-laying. The adult butterfly or moth is also the stage …
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  • A Textbook Case - … 's Essay on Young Adult Fiction Review: Cracking the Comics' Code Article: Why Teachers Love Depressing Books Essay: 'A Good Book Should Make You … With The Times: Literature Student Crossword: Classic Children's Books TIMES TOPICS: Books and Literature Writing and Writers Children and Youth OTHER … what young people read in various cultures around the world, and present your findings on an annotated map. Health - Read a young adult book
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  • Fill-In | 'Hunger Games' Fan Mania - … , screaming. "The Hunger Games" trilogy, a best-selling series of young adult books by Suzanne Collins, has generated the kind of mania familiar … books, like Bree Roe, 39, who came from Webster, Mass., with two friends - but the crowd was largely if not only young … shrieked kill cry breath slumber nothing French hug metaphor lucky adults doctor cliffhanger camped smushed anyone competition coolness Red Bull Twilight …
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  • Mark Twain - … 's/young adult books for which Mark Twain is famous. Using some of Twain's books as examples, students will learn that one book can … of books. He published many books about his travels, throughout the United States and other countries. He wrote several serious stories that adults … as adventure stories that are fun for young people to read. The very first book Mark Twain had published was called "The …
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  • Movies for Motivation: Encouraging Literacy Through Student-Created Films - … of the lesson, students will have engaged with a book, evaluated that book's value for their peers, and advertised this value … difficulty level young adult selections. One day a week, students are expected to devote thirty minutes to reading a book of their choice … , English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy Other Items: 30 High interest young adult books, $8-$10 each
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