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  • ALL THE NEWS THAT'S FIT TO PRINT - … literature using the Literature Circle techniques? (See Effective Literature Circles, Literature Circle Assessment Sheet, Literature Log Assessment Sheet, and Facilitator's Job Sheet) How are discussions in the Literature Circle … up Literature Circles.) Students who have chosen the same book from Literature Circles. A workable number for a Literature Circle is about five. The number of Literature Circles
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  • Literature Circles, Research, and Technology - … go any further. Literature Circles: Select members for the Literature Circles (discussion groups). Assign the following roles for the members of each circle: discussion director … findings, as well as their experiences with Literature Circles, PowerPoint, and podcasts. Summative Assessment The literature circles, the summary, and the PowerPoint presentations will … read in literature circles (allow students seven to eight choices) from teacher approved list. Student Literature Circle Notes: The teacher will collect literature circle notes at …
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  • Integrated Social Studies and Reading Lesson - … assess the student's participation in the literature circle. 2. At the conclusion of each literature circle discussion the students will be responsible for … will fill out their literature circles role handout. This will allow the students to be ready for their literature circle discussion. 11. After the … their literature circle. The teacher will also be looking for good group behavior during the literature circles. It is important that the each literature circle treats …
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  • North Carolina Cherokee Indians: The Trail of Tears - … - 5 English Language Arts and Social Studies By Literature Circles See our entry on literature circles. Finding a guest speaker Finding a guest speaker … Teacher should: Have a working knowledge of literature circles. Arrange to have books for the literature circles in the classroom. Schedule a guest speaker … settlement. Tuesday Begin Literature Circles Give a book talk to introduce the books the students will be reading in their Literature Circles. Suggested books …
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  • Preserving the Past, Present, and Future with Jour - … presentation with their Literature Circle group. (5-10 minutes) The teacher will: - model the roles of the participants in Literature Circles. - serve as a … roles in their Literature Circle Groups. Instructional/Environmental Modifications Time Required The initial activity will take about one hour, however Literature Circles should meet … /dearamerica (discussion guides) Assessment Plan When working in Literature Circles, the students will maintain Literature Circle Role sheets, which will aid in their discussion …
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  • Resources for Using Literature Circles in Your Classroom - … your curriculum be the guide to selecting books for Literature Circles. Professional Resources Literature Circles: The Way to Go and How to Get There … in this book as inspiration for my students in our Literature Circles. Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups by … secondary teachers can pull to organize and manage Literature Circles. Suggested Titles for First-Time Literature Circles These are can be purchased as a …
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  • The Tiger Rising: A Book Study Using Literature Circles - … Norms for Literature Circles.docx Literature Circle Daily Progress Monitoring Sheet.docx The Tiger Rising Literature Circle Questions with Possible Answers.docx The Tiger Rising Literature Circle Questions … the Literature Circle Questions Handout. Review attached Norms for Literature Circles. Guided Practice: What activities or exercises will the students complete with teacher guidance? Literature Circle
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  • Literature Circles - … Earth Home > Educator Resources > Literature Circles Join Field Trip Earth About Field Trip Literature Circles Earth Interviews Context: Discussion Groups Literature circles enable students to read … of literature, students have the ability to share these examples during literature circle discussions. Download: application/msword (23.0 kb) Literature Circle Reflections When the literature circle
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  • Literature Circles: Getting Started - … discussion for equal participation Preview the way that literature circles work for students, sharing the Literature Circle Process on the overhead projector or chart … with their new literature circle groups. back to top EXTENSIONS Once students understand the basics of literature circles, try the ReadWriteThink lesson Literature Circle Roles Reframed: Reading as a Film Crew, which substitutes film production roles for the traditional literature circle
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  • Literature Circles: the Cay and Timothy of the Cay - … and group evaluation sheets (one for each student). Description of Literature Circles: Literature circles are small, temporary discussion groups who have chosen to read … or your own rubric. Assessment: Observation of student participation in Literature Circles groups. (Criteria for success = Observation of active listening (eye contact … roles for Literature Circles including Word Wizard or Book Finder. Keep a journal of personal responses regarding the book and Literature Circle groups. Discuss …
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