Lessons for Spanish Grammar

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  • Mi Album Familiar - … prior lessons students have learned or reviewed the vocabulary and grammar structures identified in Stage 1. By this point in the … were exposed to videos and written stories where a few Spanish-speaking individuals described their families. This lesson is about using …
    User Rating: Grade Level: 9-12
  • Use of technology to write and edit a composition in Literacy. - … Practice: The student will type a rough draft using good grammar and punctuation with the help of the program the student … : 27 Notebook, $2 each, total of $54.00 27 English/Spanish dictionary, $5 each, total of $135.00
    User Rating: Grade Level: K-5
  • Possum Magic's Close Read Aloud - … a narrative retelling of the story using grade-appropriate organization, grammar, and conventions. Determine the meaning of unknown words using context … and the teacher can write in words. ELL may use Spanish-English dictionaries to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. The …
    User Rating: Grade Level: K-2
  • Formation of Hurricanes - … on English skill level, will be allowed to speak in Spanish AND English with their group for the comfort of the … encouraged to speak in English. Leeway will be given to grammar and sentence structure in the summative assessment. Extensions: Students can …
    User Rating: Grade Level: 9-12
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