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  • Tug-a-tooth - … we eat. Related topics Learn more about dental hygiene, disease prevention, flossing, hands-on, health, role playing, teeth, and tooth brushing. Help … benefits of good dental health. 2.PCH.1.2 Execute the proper techniques for brushing teeth. North Carolina curriculum alignment Healthful Living Education … enhance personal and consumer health. Objective 2.01: Demonstrate the proper technique for tooth brushing and describe the benefits of good dental health.
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  • Dental Chemistry Analogy - … museum that has agreed to produce a special exhibit for Dental Health Month. During a brainstorming session, a collaborator recalls hearing of … to “acid” for the purpose of demonstrating the advantages to dental health of fluoride treatments, fluoride-containing toothpastes, and the addition of … for the public on the role of chemistry in promoting dental health; and • suggestions for further experiments, especially those suggested by your …
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  • Activity Plan 3-4: Caring For Our Teeth - … Connection: SOCIAL STUDIES Dental Health Professions. Engage children in a discussion about people who care for our teeth-dentists, dental hygienists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. Plan to visit a dental office or invite a dental health professional to the classroom. Have children prepare a series of questions they will ask the dental
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  • Dental Health Month: Hands-On Science Activities - … to good-health conclusions. explain how each experiment illustrates the importance of brushing their teeth every day. Keywords dental health, teeth, brush, Dental Health Month, toothbrush Back to Dental Health Lesson Plan Materials Needed[shopmaterials] Note: The … week's Lesson Planning article, Sink Your Teeth Into These Dental Health Month Lessons. Updated 1/23/2012
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  • Dental Health - … and Learning LEARNING EXPERIENCE OUTLINE TITLE OF THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Dental Health, K-6 Kate Connolly 1. LEARNING CONTEXT Describe the purpose … will build upon their knowledge of dental Health. This experience was done within a unit on dental health during dental health week. Students will see what … health areas as well. 7. REFLECTION Please offer personal comments on the learning experience: Students were able to learn the importance dental health
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  • Stopping Decay - … that promote dental health. Vocabulary: plaque cavities tooth decay Preparation: • Gather the needed materials. • Place the remaining pieces of the dental health bulletin board … student. Materials: • VCR and monitor • Video: Tooth Wisdom • Bulletin Board: Dental Health Care • Food Models for Early Childhood Educators, National Dairy Council … we can choose from that prevent tooth decay and promote dental health. 4. Distribute the student worksheet, Tooth Healthy Snacks and have …
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  • Keeping Our Teeth Healthy - … Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Stewart?????????????????????????????????????? 2^nd Grade; Room 21 Science/Health: ?Keeping Our Teeth Healthy???????????????????????? 10:00 ? 10:45 am Observation … allotted 15-20 ? ????????? ?minute time frame, I will have additional dental health worksheets that they can ??????????? ?complete. (i.e. ?Word Search and … ://www.adha.org/kidstuff/facts.htm? ? interactive dental activities / facts ??????????????????????? ?? http://www.apples4theteacher.com ? interactive dental site ??????????????????????? ?? www.abcteach.com ;? www.colgate …
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  • Dental Health Tag - … It (Activity Tracker) Kids Quiz Download as pdf Dental Health Tag Academic content: Health Science - Dental Health Purpose of Activity: This activity will help students … and can run. Change taggers (plaque) frequently. Variations: Add other dental health elements like flossing, cavities, decay, appropriate foods to eat, etc … comments to display. Be the first to add a comment! Dental Health Tag Materials Product Suggestions from: 4" Spectrum' Fleece Ball $4 …
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  • What Do You Want to Be? - … gives legal advice. The chef prepares meals. The dentist maintains dental health. The mail carrier distributes the mail. The governor makes decisions … the mail. b. maintains your health. c. extinguishes fires. d. helps the doctor. e. maintains your dental health. f. makes decisions for the … decorative pieces. makes decisions for the state. maintains your dental health. maintains your health. makes decisions for the city. extinguishes fires. helps the …
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  • Pop Up Smiling! - … . Contact the American Dental Association. Invite a dentist or dental hygienist to speak to your class during Children's Dental Health Month in February. Search for on-line resources, brochures, and magazine articles. 2. Plan a pop-up book about oral health … that they take care of their teeth. Sponsor a classroom dental health poster contest. Students develop criteria for judging posters. Brainstorm important …
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