Lessons for Hypercubes

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  • N-Cubes - … . Learn rudimentary definition of topology and how it applies to hypercubes. Discover why the problem of finding snakes explodes computationally at … XOR binary operation, rules about adjacent corners of hypercubes and the naming of hypercube vertices with binary numbers. Demonstrate that the coefficients … a snake on a hypercube. Name snakes using the "edges" or lines that constitute a snake in a hypercube. Detailed Overview Materials …
    User Rating: Grade Level: 9-12
  • Life By Numbers: Seeing Is Believing - … (Algebra Extension) of 4D space through simple drawings of the hypercube. (National Math Curriculum Standards 3, 9 LECTURE/DISCUSSION and 10 … - the corner edge of the says, "When we saw the Hypercube for the cube- and not a rectangle.) first time " STOP … same way, professor Bancoff can study the behavior of a Hypercube by watching Day Three: it's 3D shadow. Window Drawing …
    User Rating: Grade Level: 6-8
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