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  • Solar System - … the solar system. Students will use worksheets to record information about planets. NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students Students will increase awareness of the solar system through exploration of Demostrate understand the nature & websites. operation of technology. (1) Use … websites on the solar system. Printer Students go to Planet Fun online activities. Alternatives/Extensions Have students explore more facets of the solar system. Assessment: Complete …
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  • Energy for Keeps: Electricity and Renewable Energy Teacher Information - … energy** Earth and Space Science Structure of the earth system** Earth s history** Earth in the solar system Science and Technology Abilities of technological design … concentrating solar power: any of the solar energy systems (solar dish engines, parabolic troughs, and central receiving towers) that focus, or concentrate, the energy of the sun … power supplier); topics include energy from the sun, electrical energy, inside PV systems, power for the future; solar data; virtual tour of a photovoltaic …
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  • Secondary Energy Infobook and Secondary Infobook Activities (19 Activities): Energy Infobook - … through the crust, oceans, and atmosphere in what is known as the water cycle. INT-D: 2.a Gravity governs the motion in the solar system. Gravity explains the phenomenon of the tides. INT-D: 2.b The sun is the major source of energy for phenomena on the
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  • Solar System - … , paint or markers, solar system books, and pictures of the solar system. Procedure- Allow the students time to read about the solar system before introduction of the project. Tell them … they are not the best artists. MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Instructional Materials: LinksView of the Solar System Resources: LinksSpacelink- Our Solar System NASA-JPL Solar System STANDARDS & ASSESSMENT Standards … systems; describe and explain how objects in the solar system move; explain scientific theories as to the origin of the solar system; and explain how we learn about the
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  • Know Your Place in Space - … have studied about the planets and solar system. This lesson is designed to reinforce and extend the student's knowledge of the solar system. 1. Place resource … of the selected standards, have students independently complete the solar system worksheet. (See Attached File.) Assessments Students will demonstrate general knowledge of planets and solar system by completing a worksheet to determine if students understand the solar system. Final projects will be assessed using an informal checklist for the
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  • Beyond the Solar System - … visit the Web site, read the essay completed in response to the assignment, follow the directions and take the designed journey beyond the solar system. They will evaluate the essay by rating according to a rubric. Scoring Criteria: Unacceptable Content The journey is not beyond our solar system or the … . To get the maximum number of stars the program will display, just hit the ] (bracket) key on the keyboard several times. Exploring the solar system (guided instruction …
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  • Where Is Saturn in the Solar System? Where Am I in the Solar System? - … About the Structure of the Solar System OVERVIEW LESSON TIME 40 minutes PREPARATION TIME This lesson introduces students to Saturn and its place in the solar systemthe solar system, visit - http://www.solarsystem.nasa.gov Objectives Students will: 1. Learn that Saturn, the other planets, and the Sun are part of the solar system. 2. Practice listening to and understanding nonfiction text. 3. Write about their place in the solar system. Teacher …
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  • Stellar Discoveries That Are Out of This World - … of the universe, ranging from specific planets in the solar system to the definition of 'solar system' itself, to be included in a class Guide to the Universe. Author(s): Alison Zimbalist, The New … find in a solar system, and determine the possible implications of the discovery of other solar systems. 2. Explore the new discovery of the solar system that includes the star Upsilon …
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  • TRB 6:3 - Activity 1 - Tour of the Solar System - … This quality web site has information and images about the objects in the solar system. The "Mapping the Solar System" poster can be ordered from this site for … about the components of the solar system. Although students should learn basic information about the solar system, the particular things they learn are not as important as the research … -the-question" contest. Students are now ready to "tour" the solar system. Organize the class for the tour. Have students take notes either on the "Notes on the Solar System
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  • What is it's name? - … the Solar System present an independently constructed oral information report about the Solar System jointly construct a model, diorama or chart of the Solar System to use when presenting the … about the Solar System. The others take notes using the information report proforma. F & D 5. Recording information about the Solar System Students decide on what aspects of the Solar Systemthe Solar System Before and after viewing worksheet. Notetaking from The Planets video Students record what they already know about the Solar System in the Before section of the
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