Lessons for Anthropology

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  • Scientific Notation - … | Inverse Proportions and Shadows in Practice Bivariate Data and Analysis: Anthropological Studies Finding Patterns to Make Predictions
    User Rating: Grade Level: 6-12
  • Age of Encounter | Explorers and Navigators - … considerable. What was the evidence that he used from biology, anthropology (the study of humankind and human cultures), and astronomy that …
    User Rating: Grade Level: 3-12
  • Will a Newly Discovered Lizard Help Scientists Protect Rain Forests? - … Arts Science --Life Sciences ----Animals --Physical Science ----Environmental Social Studies --Anthropology --Civics --Current Events --Geography --Regions/Cultures Grades Grades 2-up …
    User Rating:
  • Sticks and Stones: Prehistory Technology - … the history of technology, or as a supplement to an anthropology or archaeology unit about Neanderthals and/or early humans. Objectives …
    User Rating: Grade Level: 9-12
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