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  • Schoolyard Dig - … time. Procedures Introduce archaeology and the dig The class learns basic rules and procedures of archaeology. See Basics of Archaeology for Simulated Dig … . 1999. Digging into Archaeology: Hands-On, MindsOn Unit Study. Pacific Grove: Critical Thinking Books & Software. Cochran, J. 1999. Archaeology: Digging Deeper to … , TX: Prufrock Press. Online: "Doing Archaeology in the Classroom: A Sandbox Dig" http://www2.sfu.ca/archaeology/museum/classroom/sandbox.html Assessment …
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  • Learn to Think Like an Archaeologist - … archaeology are that cultural systems are the focus of anthropological study; awareness of the past is a fundamental element of archaeological study; archaeology … myth to debunk!) From there, discuss the nature of archaeology. How is archaeology different from paleontology, treasure hunting, and Indiana Jones movies … archaeology. Myths and Misconceptions, from the Society for American Archaeology, provides an easy-to-read overview of the myths and misconceptions of archaeology
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  • Archaeology And Prehistoric Native Americans - … /Objectives/Student Outcomes: Students will: • Distinguish between paleontology and archaeology. • Learn how archaeology can help us learn about prehistoric Native Iowans. Materials … students the meanings of "paleontolo g y' and "archaeology" are frequently blurred. Archaeology is often vaguely understood to be the study of … of archaeology. Refer to The Goldfinch, vol. 7, no.1, pages 7-8, 12-13. 4. Discuss what archaeology is. Distinguish between archaeology
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  • Primary Sources and Archaeology in the Study of Ancient Mediterranean Trade - … , color. For ordering information, see Archaeology on Film. Lesson Three focuses on Egyptian religious practices and archaeological discoveries. The students will view … Six: Roman Industry and Underwater Archaeology Readings: McCann, A.M. and Joanna Freed. "Deep Water Archaeology: A Late Roman Ship from Carthage … ." Archaeology and Public Education 7.2 (1997). Washington, D.C.: Society for American Archaeology. Pp. 4-13. Sharer, Robert and Wendy, Ashmore. Archaeology
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  • Remains of the Day - … . Archaeology Magazine (http://www.archaeology.org/) provides current archaeology news, stories, and theories from the official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. Archaeology's Dig (http://dig.archaeology.org/) online magazine offers a quiz and games to test your knowledge of archaeology
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  • Using Evidence from a Shipwreck to Explore Late Bronze Age Trade in the Mediterranean - … Campaign." American Journal of Archaeology 93:1 ( Jan. 1989). Meyers, Eric M., ed. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East … Treasure: The Site at Uluburun." Archaeology and Public Education 7:2 (1997). Renfrew, Colin, et al. Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice. London … ! Exploring Underwater Archaeology. Minneapolis: Runestone Press, 1994. Other Resources: Video: Ancient Treasures form the Deep, Nova. Website: Institute of Nautical Archaeology's …
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  • Experimental Archaeology: Making Cordage - … techniques. This often trial and error exercise is called experimental archaeology. 3. Share the Background information. Procedure 1. The students read … . Distribute copies of the "Experimental Archaeology" activity sheet to each student or team. Project the "Experimental Archaeology" activity sheet. As a class … . 1983. "Archaeology of the North Carolina Coast and Coastal Plain: Problems and Hypotheses." In The Prehistory of North Carolina: An Archaeological Symposium …
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  • Chronology: The time of my life - … Research Laboratories of Archaeology (Ward, H. Trawick, and R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr. 1999. Time Before History: The Archaeology of North Carolina … to enjoy artifacts without removing them from archaeological sites. Related topics Learn more about archaeology, chronology, forecasting, language arts, problem-solving, sequence … were even fewer strips. Connect this activity to archaeological sites by stressing how archaeological data is usually impossible to place in chronological …
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  • Archaeological Detectives - … any ideas about what forensic archaeology is. Write down their thoughts. 2. Explain to students that forensic archaeology involves techniques used by … health of bones Age Bone Spoilheap archaeology - human skeletal remains Analysis of teeth Forensic Odontology Spoilheap archaeology - human skeletal remains 5. Tell … , hair samples, and carpet fibers. forensic archaeology Definition: The use of techniques of conventional archaeology to uncover physical evidence from a crime …
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  • Basics of Archaeology for Simulated Dig Users - … , they are protected again by society. Definitions Archaeology Archaeos = old, ancient Logos = word, study Archaeology is a discipline, a systematic approach to … should know the story Archaeological Institute of America 2 AIA Education Department Lesson Plans Simulated Digs Basics of Archaeology significant difference that … is generally loose, Archaeological Institute of America 3 AIA Education Department Lesson Plans Simulated Digs Basics of Archaeology which makes it easier …
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