Teaching About Body Parts

Author Jacqui Goodman
Grade Level 3-5

Lesson Plan Description
Teaching esl to five and six years olds about body vocabulary

Primary Learning Objective(s):

To teach the English vocabulary of the main parts of the body to children in K2 and year one primary.  To enhance this activity through visual and auditory aids, through fun and music as well as reinforcing with handwriting skills.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

Teaching children the main components of the parts of the external body, using this huge visual aid, which allows everyone to join in (you can do more than one drawing, depending upon the amount of children in your class - I recommend about 3-4 children per one big drawing).  Then reinforcing with smaller characters that they can stick into their own books and copy and write their body parts.  Finally singing the head and shoulders song is an ideal opportunity for children to increase their oral skills in the language as well.

  • Get one child to lie on a huge piece of plain drawing paper on their back.  The other children draw around the child, leaving a full impression on the paper
  • Together you name and place various parts of the body, with large lettering; head, eyes, ears, hair, shoulders, tummy, legs, arms, feet, hands etc
  • Have similar cut out smaller versions for children to stick in their notebooks and get them to relabel copying the large one which can be hung up in classroom, to be added to when new vocab is used.
  • Teach the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' - standing up and getting everyone to action the words.


For this lesson you will need the following:  approximate about 3-4 children in each group, depending on class size:

  • one large piece of drawing paper (large enough to be able to draw around a child)
  • a thick black magic marker
  • a pencil
  • word cards with the names of parts of the body you want to include: head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, feet, mouth, nose, tummy etc
  • smaller pre cut outlines of people that the children will use for their own notebooks

Assessment Guidelines:
This is an activity that can be enhanced upon over a few weeks.  Recalling different parts of the body, by using the large drawing of an individual, or by using their smaller cut outs.  You can also use the song as a warm up or summary of any lesson future lessons.  The children learn by rote the names of the parts of the body, and other games can be developed from this basic idea.  Get children to point to different parts of their body and ask others to recite what it is they have shown.

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