Air Moves Things

Author Tulika Agarwal
Grade Level 3-5

Lesson Plan Description
Children are taught the importance of Air and how it moves things using a simple experiment.

Primary Learning Objective(s):

Children learn more about Air, its components and most importantly how it moves things. Before the set up of the experiment the teacher can teach the importance of air by asking the students to stop breathing for 5 seconds only.

The teacher talks about how air helps to move kites, parachutes, helps birds to fly, but still cannot be seen only experienced. In the experiment shown, the children will be able to hear a whooshing sound of the releasing air and the air helps to move the straw forward. 

The children can try variations of this experiment at home where in the can use a bangle, a toy plane/helicopter to be moved instead of a straw.


Additional Learning Objective(s):

Creativity at its best is when the children use their own mind to apply what they have learned and use it in their day to day life.

Components of air like Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and other mixture of gases can be discussed with the students.

Properties of air can be discussed.

Also why is it important to plant green trees a necessity to clean our environment.


Air is used as a main propellor in this procedure to move things.

Pass a drinking straw through a long string and the string has to either be tied taut across a room between two nails or alternatively, 2 students can hold the ends of the string in their hands and stand facing the classroom. Remember to keep the straw at one end of the taut string.

Ask a student to fill the balloon with air, as it grows bigger, hold the open end of the balloon and tape it to the straw. Now let go of the open end and release the balloon. The air released from the balloon will propel the drinking straw forward to the other end of the wall with a great speed. The experiment can be repeated a few times giving a different student a chance to do the needful.


A fine but strong string; stiff, coloured drinking straw; coloured mid sized balloon; sellotape; lung power.

Two strong nails in the wall to tie the string.

Incase the experiment is done in an outdoor classroom, then 2 students can hold the end of the strings very taut . 


Assessment Guidelines:

An objective questionairre can be answered by the students.

The class students can be divided into teams and a quiz on Air can be posed to them either by teacher or leader appointed by teacher.

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