Introduction to Grade 1 Dance

Author Leeanne Mclim
Grade Level Pre-K,K-2

Lesson Plan Description
This introductory lesson introduces students to what dance is. It allows the teacher to get grade 1 students excited about dancing. An introduction to the fundamental styles of dance,this class is designed for students new to dance. Students will also learn basic dance vocabulary.

Primary Learning Objective(s):

Dance elements used:

  • Time
  • Space

Students will:

  • Warm up and cool down bodies
  • Students use specified loco motor movement to move creatively throughout the room.
  • Apply their creative talents
  • Learn and apply new dance steps in a choreographed dance.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

General Outcome A:

Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits.

General Outcome B:

Students will understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity.

  • Functional Fitness
  • Body Image
  • Well-being

General Outcome C:

Students will interact positively with others.

  • Communication
  • Fair Play
  • Leadership

General Outcome D:

Students will assume responsibility to lead an active way of life.

  • Effort
  • Safety
  • Goal Setting/Personal


Have students “blow up the balloon” and sit in a circle. *this gets them into a nice circle and preps them to working nicely while holding hands with other students in the circle.

1) Opening Discussion:

  • Do you know what kinds of dance?
  • Have you ever seen dance? On T.V? etc
  • What is your favorite type of dance?
  • Did you know dance uses body to tell story?
  • Ask to demonstrate different kinds of facial expressions could use to tell a story
  • Ask to demonstrate different kinds of gestures to tell a story. Read Dance Story/Show Dancer pictures/Show Books with pictures: Suggeted Books- The Nutcracker

2) Have students stand up on feet

  • In circle they will do a warm up following the teacher Music suggested: Disney Mambo #5

3) Dance Game: Moving to the Beat/ (* Gets dancers practicing counting to 8 counts):

  • Divide class in half
  • Half with clap to 8 while the other group moves for 8 then freezes for 8
  • Switch groups

4) Get students to come back into the circle: Emotion Hat Game: students put on hat and have to walk around circle. Class guesses what emotion/story they are telling us. Sponge Activities: Start working on a circle dance/folk dance Game of Dance and Freeze

  • iPod or Dance CDs
  • Speakers or CD player
  • Dance Books etc
  • Stickers for right hand
  • Emotion/magic hat

Assessment Guidelines:
  • Did students demonstrate understanding of using their bodies to represent and tell stories?
  • Were students successfully able to count to music using 8 counts?

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