Triangles Tree Project

Author Leeana Carvalho
Grade Level 6-8

Lesson Plan Description
students will create a triangle tree lot. They will cut out various types of triangles and advertise their tree lots by promoting the description of their triangles

Primary Learning Objective(s):
students will be able to identify the various triangles and identify them by their angles and sides. They will identify the differences between isosceles, equilateral and scalene triangles.

Additional Learning Objective(s):
Students will also be able to use hands on materials to identify various triangles and classify them. Students will be able to compare their projects with other students for peer editing.

  1. Introduce students to the various triangles by sides, isosceles, equialateral and scalene
  2. Introduce how triangles are also named by their angles..right, obtuse, acute
  3. Fold large white construction paper in 3 columns.
  4. have students draw 3 isosceles, 3 equilateral and 3 scalene triangles  using rulers on gree construction paper. Cut them out and label them on the back so they don't get confused.
  5. Glue each type of triangle in their individual columns.  On the top name each christmas tree lot...for example  Eileen's equalateral trees, sarah's scalene trees..etc.
  6. Instruct students that each section is an advertisement for the particular triangle tree. After the name of the lot they will advertise the "benefits" of their tree.  They are doing this by naming the characteristics of their tree. ex. equilateral trees: All acute angles! All sides are equal!.  They will name the characteristics of each type of triangle above in the lots.
  7. Decorate the trees so they look like christmas trees.
  8. An alternative for those who do not want to promote christmas is to have the trees by "trees from around the world"  ex.  Scotlands Scalenes, India's Isosceles, etc.



  1. Large white construction paper
  2. Green construction paper
  3. Colored pencils, crayons
  4. Scissors
  5. Glitter if needed


Assessment Guidelines:

1. Create a rubric with the following criteria.

  • are all trees in the proper lot and are the drawn correctly
  • Are all the criterial met: ex. name of lot, description of lot, 3 trees in each lot
  • Are all triangle trees and description correct
  • is project neat and on time

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