Cancer Project

Author Stephanie Spaide
Grade Level 6-8

Lesson Plan Description
Students have the opportunity to research skin cancer through library resources or via the internet to learn how skin cancer develops through the treatment of the disease.

Primary Learning Objective(s):
To research the development of skin cancer: who is affected, what it looks like and how it can be prevented.

Additional Learning Objective(s):

What are signs to be aware of with the development of skin cancer

What preventative measures can be taken to limit exposure and lower risks to develop this disease.


Ask if the librarian will reserve the medical books in the library and/or sign up to use the computers for the internet research.

Give students a concept/web template to complete the research questions.

Read 3 to 5 articles and take notes on the web map. Complete a final writing about the topic


Concept map

Medical resources/computers

Writing requirements for the final copy

Assessment Guidelines:

The use of Type III writing with the FCA's is exceptionally good to have students write and then peer grade the information.

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