Marketing Mix Promotion

Author Tracy Painting
Grade Level 9-12

Lesson Plan Description
Marketing Mix looking at different types of promotion, above and below the line.

Primary Learning Objective(s):
To understand the Promotion aspect of the Marketing Mix, including above and below line promotion, looking at suitable strategies of promotion.

Additional Learning Objective(s):
  • Define 'above the line' and 'below the line' promotion.
  • Explain promotion strategies and give examples of when they may be used.
  • Evaluate a suitable form of promotional strategy for a business.

This lesson plan includes a starter spider graph to fill in the promotion strategies they may already know, a powerpoint covering the different types of promotion with activities and a worksheet to complete.


Requires a computer to show powerpoint, enough printed starters and worksheets for the class, pens and paper to complete the questions.

Assessment Guidelines:
Assessment is to be done throughout the lesson, verbal feedback throughout discussions and written feedback and assessment of completed worksheet.

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